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Clear The Way

Clear The Way

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Inspired by the true story of Michael Dougherty...

Innocence is ripped away from a young Irish boy when he’s forced to say goodbye to everything, and everyone, he knows.

Michael Dougherty made a promise to find a better life. A roof over his head and a pretty girl on his shoulder won’t satisfy the vow he made to himself and his family. Then again, Bridget Lawless isn’t just some pretty girl. She’s the one who stole Michael’s heart and the reason for his undoing.

With passion in his heart and pride in his eyes, Michael follows his destiny to the battlegrounds of the American Civil War. Nearly killed in the cornfield at Antietam, caught in the blaze of “The Burning,” and ambushed in the middle of the Shenandoah, he fights for love and freedom.

Relationships are torn apart, lives are lost, and all hope fades away.

Will the weight of the world come crashing down on Michael Dougherty? Or, will the boy become a man to defeat all the odds stacked against him?
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