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Conall Clyde Wolf River Series

Conall Clyde Wolf River Series

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This Love Triangle historical romance takes place during the English Civil War - a fast-paced, steamy historical romance that has the braw Highlander, Wolf River, cross an ocean to find his true love...

Conall Clyde – whose name means Wolf River in Scottish - has been a bonded blacksmith’s apprentice since he was a youth. But all work and no play catch up with Conall eventually, and the young woman doing the catching is the blacksmith’s bonnie daughter, Jenny MacLeod.

After escaping Cromwell's revenge, the man the English called 'Wolf' sails back to Scotland with his wife by his side - but their reunion will not last long!
Outside Aberdeen harbor, an English colonel boards the ship, looking for Highlanders he can send to the American colonies as slaves. To protect his wife, Jenny, Conall 'Wolf,' Clyde has to accept his fate. But a life of slavery in Jamestown becomes very interesting when the plantation owner's wife takes a special interest in the braw new servant!
For what woman could resist the charms of such a man? Mistress Prudence Barebones, the sweet and gentle Puritan woman whose marriage has left her saddened by life, finds much to admire in the tall Scotsman with fiery red hair.
As the Highlander will always act like an untamed wolf roaming his homeland's wild mountains, can a woman ever fence him in with love and warm embraces?
The Wolf River saga spans the Western world, moving from the polite London life to the poverty of Aberdeen docklands to the wild frontiers of the American colonies. A riveting ending to a page-turning historical Scottish romance!
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