Destined To Be With The Highlander

Destined To Be With The Highlander

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Two lovers with a passion that has lasted for six hundred years, but is their connection doomed to die, or are they fated for other things?

Callum is about to discover that no matter how much he loves his beautiful Lady of Loch Awe, he cannot always be around to protect her, especially now that he has been marked for death.
Ella Campbell is back in Medieval Scotland, but this time she’s come prepared. So, she’s not surprised when once again, her charmstone pulls her away from the man she loves with all her heart.
That man is and always will be Callum Campbell, the muscular and wild, red-haired Highlander, son and heir of the Laird of Loch Awe.
Determined to take control of their destiny, away from those who seek to destroy any chance of happiness, Callum and Ella face a powerful new adversary – none other than the Sun King himself, Louis the Fourteenth of France.
Even during the more enlightened times of the Seventeenth Century, Europe was not kind to those they suspected of being witches. The sinister Count of Saint Germain, claiming that Ella and Callum are in league with the Devil, never have the flames of witch-burning fire been closer or hotter.
Can these two time-fated lovers escape from those who seek to tear them apart?
Or are they destined to fight for their love, no matter what...
Please enjoy Book Three in The Lady of Loch Awe Scottish Time-Traveling Historical romance novel.

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