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Drum Call To Honor

Drum Call To Honor

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A gripping work of fiction based on the true story of Willie Johnston, a young drummer boy in the American Civil War

When hostilities began, Willie’s father enlisted in the 3rd Vermont Infantry Regiment in July 1861, and Willie sought to join as well. Young Willie was rejected due to his age, but he accompanied the regiment and served without pay. In December of 1861, officials finally relented and allowed him to formally enlist, placing him on the muster rolls as a drummer boy.
Willie served in numerous battles and skirmishes during the war, but his conduct during the retreat following the crushing defeat at the Siege of Petersburg won him national fame.
Willie dutifully hung on to his drum throughout the tiring ordeal and brought it to safety at the retreat’s end in Harrison’s Landing.

There, as the 3rd Vermont and other regiments of the division were assembled for a July 4th parade, it was discovered that young Willie was the only drummer in the entire division who had held on to his drum during the retreat. As such, he had the honor of drumming for the whole division that day.
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