Say I Do At Bamburgh Castle

Say I Do At Bamburgh Castle

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A romantic, historical time travel romance where an unexpected, sudden event takes over Emma’s future.

It is the year 1155. On the English coast, in the village of Bebbanburg, two men walk out of the rain and into a dark tavern to discuss their deal. For the King's emissary, his job is to make sure the tall, handsome Highlander sitting across the table from him agrees to oversee the building of Bebbanburg Castle. But before the powerful Scottish laird can leave, he must promise to marry the daughter of a French Norman Knight of the Realm.

Knowing peace in the north relies on him doing the right thing, Laird Fergus Reid promises to marry a stranger.

Meanwhile, this year, Emma Robinson is getting ready to marry posh St. John Wetherington-MacMichaels, the billionaire publisher and son of an English lord. But something doesn't feel right, and Emma is having second thoughts. Not even the impressive Bamburgh Castle as the perfect wedding venue can change Emma's mind...

The winds of fortune have something else in store for the reluctant bride. Standing on the battlements while trying to make a phone call, Emma accidentally falls onto the cliffs below. Only she never lands.

Thumping onto the shifting sands of Bebbanburg beach, Emma is swept away into a completely different sort of marriage. Laird Fergus believes her to be the Norman French bride the King promised him, and before Emma knows it, she is married to the stern, fierce Highlander.

Join Emma as she tries to negotiate married life in Medieval northeastern England in this first exciting standalone book in the series. You will discover how wonderful it is to say 'I Do' when the perfect Highland laird comes along
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