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The Brides Black Mirror

The Brides Black Mirror

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Inverness, Scotland 2023. A case of cold feet has bride-to-be Alana Hunter leaving her fiancé waiting at the altar. As she runs into the remnants of the great Caledonian Forest, Alana finds herself enveloped by a mysterious fog that has her traveling to Scotland, where fearsome warlords lead warring clans. Modern technology no longer works…in the year 1398.

Out of place and out of time, Alana must fight to find her footing in fourteenth-century Scotland amongst a blood feud that has seen clans Cameron and Shaw clashing for generations. Her only ally? A cursed warlord with a heart of gold and a crooked smile that wants nothing more than to put the hostilities to rest—a warlord who thinks she’s a witch because of the cell phone in her pocket.

Seven hundred years in the past.

Two clans at war.

One cellphone that may be Alana’s ticket back home.

If only Alana could follow her head instead of her heart and not fall in love. Who said all was fair in love and war?
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