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The Lady Of Loch Awe Series (Full Set)

The Lady Of Loch Awe Series (Full Set)

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Two lovers with a passion that has lasted for six hundred years, but is their connection doomed to die, or are they fated for other things?

Ella Campbell lands in Medieval Scotland through the power of her inherited Glenorchy Charmstone, handed down through the years to Cambell descendants. Callum Campbell, the muscular and wild, red-haired Highlander, son and heir of the Laird of Loch Awe, rescues her from the water, and their fates are sealed.

Follow the story of Ella and Callum through this three-book series as they are determined to take control of their destiny, away from those who seek to destroy any chance of happiness. Can these two time-fated lovers escape from those who seek to tear them apart?
Or are they destined to fight for their love, no matter what...
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