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The Thrill Of The Chase

The Thrill Of The Chase

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Can love be both a curse and a blessing at the same time?

Nineteen years old, with ethereal, beautiful features and long chestnut ringlets, Alexandra White, Lexy to all her friends in the fashion world, is trying to forge a career for herself in London. This ambition is made easier for her because of the support she gets from her parents… Sir Rory and Lady Melissa White, Baron and Baroness of Overtoun Castle.

Whenever she needs inspiration, Lexy returns home. This is because one of the castle bedrooms contains all the gorgeous haute couture dresses every Baroness White has ever worn— except for the exquisite Schiaparelli ball gown.

Freya Pfeiffer, Sir Rory’s lover who mysteriously disappeared one night, was wearing the Schiaparelli creation when she was last seen walking across Overtoun Bridge twenty years ago. The shadow of what happened that night hangs over the family like a cloud. But Lexy’s parents maintain a firm silence when discussing what happened.

So, when Lexy finds an ancient grimoire hidden in a trunk in the attic, how would she know that it was the last thing Freya held before walking off into the night, never to be seen again?

Finn MacKinney is nothing more than a sullen youth when his mother and father, Laird Cùlan and Lady Freya, kick him out of the castle because of his bad behavior. Fortunately for Finn, not only is he the most genetically gifted young man, darkly handsome with a perfectly sculpted muscular body, but he is deadly accurate with pistols.

This means that not only does he become the most sought-after outrider in the country, but his female clients find other ways to test his skills… After all, why not? It is the Eighteenth Century; the old ways are falling by the wayside, and the Age of Reason is spreading across the Scottish Highlands.

For six years, Finn finds that he is more than happy to pleasure the ladies with his manly charms— until he visits his Grandmother, Lady Elizabeth of Overtoun Manor. She tells him of a mysterious and beautiful gypsy girl with long chestnut ringlets who appeared in Overtoun one year ago and suggests he goes looking for her at the gypsy camp in the forest…

If you love Scottish Time Travel Romances with a touch of magick and lots of sweet steam, you will love this second book in the series by Kalani Madden!
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