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Wolfs Enslavement

Wolfs Enslavement

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Conall Clyde never looked for love or war - but they found him anyway!

Jenny MacLeod is the boss’s daughter, but her heart was set on marrying the braw red-haired Highlander when he started working as the blacksmith’s apprentice.
His name was Wolf cub then, but now he’s all grown up.
He might be a captive and bound to be sold to the highest bidder, but Conall is like a wolf on the prowl for his mate - and he will do ANYTHING to get back to his sweetheart, Jenny.

The only way out is for Conall to be sold - and Lady Hermione Carmichael is intent on buying the tall, handsome Scotsman with the bright red hair.
The Lady has only one request before she pays for him: he must become her lover in body and soul!
Will Conall and Jenny reunite? And if they do, will their love be strong enough to escape the evil clutches of Oliver Cromwell and one other pitiless, lifelong Enemy of the Wolf?

This is what readers are saying about The Wolf’s Enslavement:
“A real bodice ripper! I loved this second book - the pace picks up and gets nail-biting!”
“Not your ordinary historical romance. This steamy trio love story is full of love and yearning.”
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